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Funerals, memorials...

Funerals are a delicate time for families and we are mindful of that at Christopher's Caribbean Caterers.

This may be the first time you have experienced this kind of situation; where there are many things to organise, from the funeral arrangements, balancing the family's needs and managing your own personal grief. We are aware that you could be feeling anxious before and on the day, as it is very important that you give your loved one a good send off. 

Often unsaid, catering is a very important part of the funeral. This is a time when you see people you have not seen in a long time. As part of a successful final goodbye, the catering is one less thing you want to focus on or worry about.

We don't just provide catering of Caribbean food - we offer something distinctly different; something that is compassionate and professional. With that you will find a range of offers to suit a variety of budgets, so take a moment to browse our packages.

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